About Us

About Us

Quick Note: Throughout this site, you MAY see a couple mentions of PLR Puzzle Books, or PLRPuzzleBooks.com. That's this site before I changed it to LowContentCreations.com.

Hey there! I’m Joey, a born and raised "Bostonian" who has traveled all over the east coast, west coast and now resides, once again, on the east coast. I’ve been developing software since 1995 and creating content online since 2000.

Since my "internet birth", I’ve been a programmer, software developer, content writer, copy editor, proof reader, website developer, saas creator, app developer, blogger, affiliate marketer, digital reseller, PLR content provider, digital marketer and social media manager, not to mention having the pure joy of being my own boss!

I currently lead a team of 7 unique individuals (and more when/if needed) who all work with me to come up with as much content as possible -- all for you, and others, to use to your advantage.

Think of us as your own content creation and product development team.

What is Low Content Creations All About?

The Low Content Creation website is all about working smarter, not harder. By purchasing content that is already created for you, not only can you free up your time but money and your own resources as well. Here on my blog, my team and I provide you with as many DFY low content resources as we can come up with. I will also post other related useful resources as well as occasional tips on how to best use the content and resources provided throughout this site.

What Are DFY Resources?

DFY stands for ‘done for you’ – meaning all the hard work (such as research, preparation and organization) has been done for you. Some of the resources I offer throughout this site also include white label resale rights, meaning my name (personal and/or company) and/or website details will appear nowhere within the content (or content pages) so you can easily sell them to your customers, without revealing your source.

Who Can Benefit From Using Low Content Creations?

For those new to the "No Content / Low Content" arena, Low Content Creations offers a ton of puzzle pages, spanning across 60+ different puzzle types, recipe books, ready-to-go calendars and diary/journal creations, all ready to be downloaded and sold as is. For those who are seasoned professionals, or have been in the game for a little while now, we offer hundreds of word lists (with dozens more added weekly), puzzle images (solutions included), quotes for cryptogram and code breaker type puzzles, journal page templates, calendar page templates (daily, weekly AND monthly page templates available), recipe book templates as well as hundreds of recipes spanning several dozen categories and course types. I also offer many software tools you can use to help you with creating your own "no content / low content" books.

How Does Low Content Creations Help Me?

The greatest aspect of using Low Content Creations is that the available content and products don’t come with the high costs normally associated with hiring your own personal content/product creator. Because our content is sold to more than just one person, the prices are minimal, especially when compared to the much higher costs of hiring your own personal ghost writer or product creator to create content for you. Low Content Creations offers a way for you to save tons of money. Better still, using Low Content Creations enables you to save time as well. For those who are too busy doing other things or have a hard time coming up with content on their own, our content and products are often a much better, and more affordable, route to take.

Get In Touch

I strive to make Low Content Creations the ultimate resource for quality content. As such, I am always open to suggestions, comments, feedback and testimonials. To get in touch with me at anytime, please use any of the links within the "Support" section located on the top of all pages throughout this site.

Useful Tip:
If you have additional questions, please be sure to check out the knowledge base (link can be found within the ""Support" section located on the top of all pages throughout this site) before contacting me, to see if your question hasn't already been asked and/or answered, saving us both a little time.