Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The files and/or resources provided to you as part of your purchase, and/or those provided to you free of charge, are for your use only.

These resources must be used to create your own derivative works such as puzzles, activity books, puzzle books or reference material and must be converted to a non-editable format, such as a PDF document, before being sold or passed along to your customer.

These resources cannot be licensed, sub-licensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise distributed on its own, or as part of a package, whether free or paid.

Derivative works cannot be used or sold in a way that is directly competitive with us and/or the original item you purchased.

Derivative works cannot be given away for free. You can, however, give them away as part of an incentive or contest, provided you receive an email address in exchange for your “gift”.

Derivative works must be sold to an end-user. The end-user, your customer, cannot license, sub-license, resell, share, transfer, or otherwise distribute your end product, whether for compensation of any kind, or for free and/or incentive-ized.

Your rights to this product are strictly non-transferable.

Confused? Perhaps this will help…

  • [YES] Can edit the source files to add your name, images and descriptions.
  • [YES] Can combine multiple purchases/resource to create larger derivative work(s).
  • [YES] You MUST convert the edited source file(s) into PDF files prior to selling them.
  • [YES] Can give away your PDF file as a list magnet to build up your mailing list.
  • [YES] Can give away your PDF file as affiliate bonus offering.
  • [YES] Can sell your customized  product on Amazon, Etsy, Lulu, your own site, etc.
  • [YES] You *MUST* make substantial changes to source file before converting & selling.
  • [NO] You Can NOT pass resale rights, of any kind, to any of your customers.
  • [NO] You Can NOT sell or give away the source files. No exceptions of any kind.
  • [NO] You Can NOT give away the PDF version in free and/or paid membership sites.
  • [NO] You Can NOT pass on PLR rights (or the source files) in part or whole.
In Short
You have commercial rights to sell products with these puzzles in PDF format, or in printed products, but not the source files themselves. You must sell your product for personal use only. You can leave the puzzles as is or edit them as you please. You can then sell your products with these puzzles on sites such as Amazon, Etsy, LuLu, POD sites, your own website or any other site that allows you to sell your own products. In other words, do NOT use these resources to create and sell PLR, or products for resale of any kind, for others to use (even in an altered state). The end product, (the product you sell), MUST be a finished product, converted to PDF or any other un-editable printable file and passed on with personal usage rights only.

Is Attribution Required
No, absolutely not. You do NOT need to include my name or links in any of the products you create with the resources purchased here and you can use any of the resources as many times as you want and on as many different projects as you want without ever paying anything further.

Still not sure?
If you’re still not sure of whether you can or cannot do whatever it is that you plan on doing with your purchase, or if you still have questions regarding the licensing terms, please feel free to contact me via the online help desk and I’ll be sure to reply as soon as possible.

Please Understand
Purchasing and/or downloading any resources from any XMG website, or an authorized subsidiary, constitutes a complete understanding of the terms outlined above. You’ll be required to adhere to them or deal with the legal action that will be taken against you.
BEFORE you can pass along any derivative work (end-product) to your customer, it MUST be converted into a non-editable format, usually a PDF.