Black Friday 2020 Deal

Massive 2020 Black Friday Deal

This year’s Black Friday deal is a very limited 1 Day Only sale, and is only available on Friday, November 27th, 2020, however, you’ll be able to enjoy the savings for up to 1 full year.

Allow me a moment to explain…

This year’s Black Friday Deal is a $100 voucher (or gift certificate) for just $27! That’s a whopping savings of 73%!

BUT, the best part is, is that although this deal is only available for 1 day (November 27th, 2020), once you’ve purchased a voucher, you do NOT have to use it right away. You’ll have 1 full year (and a few days) to use it.

AND, you don’t even have to use it all at once either. You can purchase items as you need them, or as they become available or released, as long as you use it within the next 365 days!

Even better, this year, I’m increasing the number of vouchers you can purchase. This year, you can purchase up to 10 vouchers, for a massive savings, if you’d like… AND, you don’t even have to use them all yourself.

This year, I’m allowing you to give most of them away to your friends or family members, or even use them as give aways for contest winners, social followers, etc. (YOU must keep 1 of them for your own use.

There are a few limitations, however. They are as follows:

1. Only 100 vouchers will be sold in total.

2. Vouchers can NOT be redeemed to purchase additional gift certificates or appreciation vouchers.

3. These Black Friday vouchers MUST be used within 1 year (and a few days) as they will expire on November 30, 2021.

4. Vouchers purchased as part of the 2020 Black Friday deal CAN be offered to friends and family, or even to your own customers/followers (as contest prizes). Complete details are available on the order page.

5. Unless otherwise stated, vouchers CAN be used on regularly priced items as well as sale items.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me ASAP and, if warranted, I will reply promptly.

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So… Click the button below and bookmark the page you’ll be taken to. Since this deal is limited to 100 vouchers only, I highly recommend you come back first thing Friday morning. Once 100 vouchers are purchased, the sales price will no longer be available.


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