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As a former EMT and Law Enforcement officer, I have a special love and an even greater gratitude for my fellow First Responders. In fact, these Appreciation Vouchers are ONLY available for First Responders as well as those who have served in any branch of the military or those who play one of the most important roles in anyone’s lives — teachers.

I know there are no amount of words that could ever convey this enough, but THANK YOU to anyone falling within one of the aforementioned roles, for EVERYTHING you do and EVERYTHING you have sacrificed, to do what you do.

Important: Before purchasing, please contact me for verification. Upon successful verification, I will provide you with a coupon code which will bring the price of this voucher down to just $50 USD.

In addition to the great pricing for this voucher, you’ll also receive an instant bonus bump-up for every voucher you purchase.

If you’re interested in purchasing multiple vouchers (for your entire team for example) please let me know. I have no problem, in fact, I would be honored, to extend an even greater deal for your entire team.


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I’ve received many requests for a clear break down of exactly what constitutes valid eligibility for an appreciation voucher, so, I’ve created the list below to give you a better understanding. If you’re particular role or title is not mentioned below and you think it should be, by all means, please contact me ASAP and let me know as it probably slipped my mind and I do apologize.

Law Enforcement Officers

• Police Officer (Federal, State, and Local)
• Sheriff / Deputy Sheriff
• Correction Officers
• State Trooper
• Customs Officials
• Border Protection Officers
• Air Marshal
• Park Police & Ranger
• Probation/Parole Officer
• Bridge/Tunnel Officer
• Detention Officer
• Railroad Police
• SRO (School Resource Officer)
• Auxiliary Police Officer
• Reserve Sheriff Deputy
• Animal Control Officer (Credentialed LEO)
• Court Bailiffs/Court Officers (Credentialed LEO)

Medical Professionals

• Paramedic/EMT/EMS
• Paramedic/EMT/EMS Trainers


• Firefighter/Wild-land Firefighter/Burn Managers
• Fire Marshal (Certified LEO)
• Fire Marshal (Non-Certified LEO)
• Volunteer Firefighter


• Police, Sheriff, Fire or EMS Dispatcher
• Fire Communications Officer
• Public Safety Telecommunicators

Military Personnel (All Branches)

• Army
• Air Force
• Navy
• Marine Corps
• Coast Guard
• Reservists
• Enlisted Personnel
• Active Duty
• Retired Personnel
• Warrant Officers
• Commissioned Officers

Accredited Educational Institutes

• Elementary School Teachers & Assistants
• Middle School Teachers & Assistants
• High School Teachers & Assistants
• Special Education Leaders & Assistants
• Special Education Advocates
• Vocational Institute Instructors & Assistants
• Collegiate Educators & Assistants

All Others

• Clergyman (Priest, Minister, Pastor, Chaplain, etc.)
• CERT Team Members
• V.I.P.S.
• S&R Team Members
• EMVs
• Civilian Employees (DOD/SOD)
• Civilian Employees (Non D.O.D.)


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