Basketball Word List Pack

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This product was originally released on one of my other sites in July 2019. Please view the "Notes" tab below for additional information.

This word list contains more than 300 Basketball related words and word phrases. Upon successful completion of your purchase, you’ll receive immediate access to the following:

• 1 MS Excel* File
• 5 Text Files (see below):

» Alphabetical List > Proper Case
» Alphabetical List > UPPER CASE
» Alphabetical List > lower case
» Randomly Sorted > Proper Case
» Character Count > Proper Case

* If you don't have an MS Office license, visit to use the free versions of Word & PowerPoint. If you're not an Office fan, you can use Google Docs instead.

Added On: December 11, 2019


This product was originally released on my PLR Puzzle Books site back in July 2019. If you purchased from that site, this is the SAME product. Please do NOT purchase it again. Instead, click on the Storefront >> My Account >> Dashboard link (located at the top of this page) to login to the download center. Your login details are exactly the same as they were on the PLR Puzzle Books website.

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