Colored-Shapes Bingo Pack

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Here’s a cool pack of Bingo Cards which are great for anyone in the teaching or education niche.

Instead of the standard “Bingo” cards which display numbers 1 – 75, these bingo cards display colored shapes instead.

The object of the game is the same as standard Bingo with one slight change. See “Description” tab below for complete details.

This Colored-Shapes Bingo pack includes the following:

• 100 Individual Bingo Cards
• 25 Individual Call Sheets
• 2 “WINNER” Certificates
• 1 Legend/Info Sheet

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Added On: March 08, 2020
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The object of “Colored-Shapes Bingo” is almost identical to a standard game of Bingo, which one exception. Instead of using standard Bingo sheets which lists 5 columns (B-I-N-G-0) with numbers 1 – 75, this version uses different shapes in various colors.

The 12 various shapes are an arrow, circle, cloud, diamond, raindrop, heart, hexagon, pentagon, pick, square, star and triangle. Each shape is displayed in all of the following 6 colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Calling Sheets, which are used by the “Caller” (teacher), are included which list all 12 shapes, in all of the various colors. NOTE: All shapes are displayed in random order.

The “caller” (teacher) reads off the first shape, and it’s color. The “players” (students) then try to locate the matching item on their card. If it is there, they use a “marker” to cover up the item on their card. “Markers” can be anything the teacher wishes to use such as pennies, small erasers, scraps of paper, etc.

The teacher, or caller, then continues calling out the remaining colored-shapes, in the order they appear on the call sheet, until one of the players calls out “BINGO”.

A “BINGO!” is achieved when a player has covered up 5 items in a row; either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

The first student. or player, to get 5 in a row successfully, is the winner.

Prizes are obviously at the sole discretion of the teacher, but could include simple things such as pens, pencils, erasers etc. or even special “FREE PASS” certificates for homework assignments, book reports, etc.

Purchase several different puzzle packs to create your own “activity books”. Offer them as bonuses to your customers to use as prizes.


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