Country Flags Bingo Pack

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Here’s a cool pack of Bingo Cards which are great for anyone in the teaching or education niche.

Instead of the standard “Bingo” cards which display numbers 1 – 75, these bingo cards display country flags instead.

The object of the game is the same as standard Bingo with one slight change. Instead of numbers, each card displays 1 of 200 different country flags.

This Country Flags Bingo pack includes the following:

• 200 Individual Bingo Cards
• 50 Individual Call Sheets
• 5 “WINNER” Certificates
• 3 Legends/Info Sheet

As always, upon successfully completing your purchase, you’ll receive immediate access to the following unbranded source files, allowing you to customize them before converting them to un-editable PDF files for sale to your own customers.

• 2 MS Word Doc Files*
• 2 MS Powerpoint Files*
• 2 Adobe PDF Files*

* If you don't have an MS Office license, visit to use the free versions of Word & PowerPoint. If you're not an Office fan, you can use Google Docs instead.

Added On: March 10, 2020
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