Mandala Coloring Pages # 2

$19.95 $5.00

Mandalas have been proven to have a calming appeal to them and more and more adults are drawn to them for that exact reason.

It’s the latest craze so of course your customers will love you for offering these. With increasingly soaring sales over the last few years, you’d be hard pressed not to be able to sell these beauties.

This exciting Mandala coloring pages pack includes 20 individual coloring pages which will keep your customers busy for hours.

Upon successfully completing your purchase, you’ll receive immediate access to the following unbranded source files, allowing you to customize them before converting them to un-editable PDF files.

• MS Word Doc File*
• MS Powerpoint File*

* If you don't have an MS Office license, visit to use the free versions of Word & PowerPoint. If you're not an Office fan, you can use Google Docs instead.

Added On: January 10, 2020


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