Can I Purchase Products Marked Unavailable?

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Can I Purchase Products Marked “Unavailable”?

Short Answer: Yes, and no.

I know it feels awful to see that the products you want are unavailable, for whatever reason, however, to ensure my products are not being used to saturate the market place, I’ve decided to sell a limited number of licenses for each of the products I create. When that limit is reached, it is no longer available for purchase, however, that doesn’t mean that all is lost.

In fact, there are several instances in which additional licenses become available, two of the most common reasons are:

1. License Revocations
2. Monthly Deals & Steals

When a previous buyer has breached the Terms of Service and licensing terms, his/her licenses are revoked. Those licenses are automatically added back to the system for public availability.

However, each month, I also offer a limited number of all new releases as part of my Monthly Deals & Steals promo packs. These are always available in limited quantity, for a limited time, at a pre-release discounted price and only to subscribers of my mailing list (just one of the many perks of subscribing to my list).

To be sure you’re kept in the loop and receive notification of my Monthly Deals & Steals, subscribe to my mailing list using your best email address. There is no set schedule used for the Monthly Deals & Steals and vary month to month, however, as a subscriber, you will receive several emails pertaining to the offer; an advance notification, an “it’s live” reminder and a final reminder when the offer is close to expiring.

Once subscribed, be sure that you’re receiving my messages and that they’re not going to your spam folder or promotions tab.

If you’re impatient and can’t wait for any of the above instances, you can always email me to see if a specific product has any revoked licenses. Understand however, you’re probably not the only person emailing me about the particular product.

Even if there are available licenses at the time which I reply, they’re usually snatched up quickly so there’s no guarantee that the license(s) will still be available for purchase by the time you get my email response and attempt to purchase that item.