Can I Resell The Products I’ve Purchased?

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Can I Resell The Products I’ve Purchased?

Short Answer: Yes, but no.

All of the products posted on this site are for your own personal use, however, once you’ve edited them to include your own changes, modifications and personal touches, you can then sell them, or even give them away in an un-editable format such as a PDF file.

Before converting the product to PDF, you MUST make adequate changes and modifications to be able to call it your own work, otherwise known as derivative work. Not doing so is a clear and blatant violation of my Terms of Service and can result in immediate termination and revocation of your license.

Once you’ve made adequate changes or modifications to the purchased product, and converted it to an un-editable format, such as a PDF file, you can then sell the PDF as your own product or even give it away as an affiliate bonus, an incentive to join your mailing list or even as an incentive to like your Facebook page, retweet one of your latest tweets or anything else that will entice your customers, affiliates, subscribers or visitors to perform certain tasks.

If you’re not sure how to convert the files to PDF, click here for a quick tutorial on converting your modified PPT/DOC file to an un-editable PDF.

It’s important to understand that regardless of whether you decide to sell your product, or simply give it away, it is done so with personal usage rights ONLY. You can NOT sell, or give away, the product with resale rights, master resale rights, branding rights, white label rights, private label rights, developer rights or any other form of “rights” that would involve providing permission to resell access to the newly created file (even in PDF format) or the original core/source files, regardless of how many modifications you make to the original files.

In order to offer any rights, other than a personal use license, a developer license is required. Since I don’t offer developer licenses too often, you definitely want to check back a couple times per week, or join my mailing list, as I will post such offers via email as well as on the main pages of this site.

If you have ANY questions regarding this topic, please visit my online help desk and submit your questions there. I will respond/reply to your inquiry as soon as I possibly can which is usually within a few short hours, but please allow up to 72 hours before sending another message.