Do I Need Multiple Licenses?

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Do I Need to Purchase Multiple Licenses?

Short Answer: No!

One question I often receive is “I want to sell these on different sites or in different books. Do I need to purchase multiple licenses?” The answer to that question is NO. You do not need to purchase multiple licenses.

In fact, if you’ve browsed through any area of the storefront, you may have noticed you can’t change the quantity on any of the products (excluding gift certificates and select special offers). That’s because once you purchase a product, you are free to use that product on any number of derivative works you’re creating using the product’s content.

So, whether you want to sell the same product on different sites, or through different media outlets, or you want to use the product in different books, you only need to purchase 1 license, period!

You will never be asked to purchase multiple quantities for any of the products available throughout this website (excluding gift certificates and select special offers).

I do understand that in rare cases, you may need several licenses. In such cases, you will need to make several separate purchases. Please understand though, purchasing multiple licenses for reason of resale is strictly prohibited and against my Terms of Service and will immediately revoke any and all licenses you may hold for ANY product you have purchased.