Do You Offer Non-Profit Discounts?

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Do You Offer Non-Profit Discounts?

Short Answer: No, but all’s not lost….

Although I do NOT currently offer discounts specifically for non-profits, I do offer Appreciation Vouchers instead.

The appreciation vouchers are ONLY available for members of:

• Military Personnel (including Reserve and Civilian D.O.D.)
• First Responders (including dispatchers & auxiliary)
• Clergy (priest, pastor, minister, chaplain, etc.)
• Teacher (Accredited Educational Institutes)
• Other Verifiable NPO’s

The 2 deals include a $200 appreciation voucher, for just $50 and a $300 appreciation voucher for just $75. In both instances, that’s equivalent to receiving a 75% discount on anything you’d like to purchase. The only items you can not use appreciation vouchers to purchase are additional gift certificates or appreciation vouchers. Otherwise, all products are fair game.

These vouchers do not appear publicly within the storefront. Instead, you’ll have to use the following links:

» $200 Appreciation Voucher (Just $50 USD)
» $300 Appreciation Voucher (Just $75 USD)

Any questions regarding appreciation vouchers can be sent to me using my online help desk at any time and I will do my best to respond to your inquiry within a reasonable timeframe.

[ Last Updated: January 1, 2020 ]