Help! I Can’t Login to my Account.

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Help! I Can’t Login to my Account.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing issues logging in. I can’t provide you with your password because it’s encrypted the moment it is entered into the database, however, you can request a new one by visiting this link at anytime.

If you’ve already attempted to retrieve, or change, your password, and you’re still having issues or experiencing problems, please visit the online help desk instead and submit a new ticket.

I normally never suggest setting a ticket priority to “High”, however, I want to ensure you have access to everything you’ve purchased, so please, feel free to set the ticket priority to “High” (do NOT select “Urgent” please). Once your ticket is received, either myself, or one of my helpful colleagues will have a look and let you know what we can do to assist you.

Do NOT worry though, you will NOT lose access to anything you have purchased. I keep records of everything so even if your account can not be recovered, I assure you that we will get things sorted out and even if we have to manually create a new account for you and add the products you’ve purchased, you WILL receive continued access to all your previous purchases.