Is Product XYZ 1 and Product XYZ 2 The Same?

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Is Product XYZ 1 The Same As Product XYZ 2, 3 or 4?

Short Answer: No.

When multiple products appear with similar names, they are merely the same type of puzzle or are based on the same topic.

For example, when browsing the Word Jumbles/Scrambles section within the storefront, you will find the following items:

• Astronomy Word Jumbles
• Astronomy Word Jumbles 2
• Astronomy Word Jumbles 3
• Astronomy Word Jumbles 4

In this case, the topic of the puzzles are the same, however, the puzzle packs themselves are different. Please understand that although I try my hardest to ensure every puzzle pack include only unique puzzle pages, occasionally, some puzzle packs may have a couple identical puzzle pages, but the puzzle pack as a whole will be different. Rest assured that unless you purchase the same product multiple times, none of the puzzle packs are identical in their entirety.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the puzzles will use what I call SCW’s or “shared common words”. SCW’s are words which are associated with multiple sports and therefore, will appear in more than one puzzle, puzzle types and/or puzzle books. For instance, the term “goal keeper” will appear within my “Hockey Related Word Search” puzzle pack as well as puzzle packs related to Netball, Lacrosse, Water Polo and Hurling because each of those sports include positions labeled “goal keeper”. The same term (goal keeper) may also appear in puzzles which include 10 letter words or even within word lists which include 10 character words.