Who Owns This Website & Who Is Xeebs Media?

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Who Owns This Website & Who is Xeebs Media?

Short Answer: Well, I do of course! Duh!

Sorry, that was just too easy. The Low Content Creations website is own by myself and well, that’s it really, just me. I am Joey Jay. I own, operate and manage several hundred websites throughout the internet. Xeebs Media is the name of my parent company, my legal business name. In addition to creating slews of low content resources, I am also a web developer and software programmer.

To find out more about me and this site, please visit the About Us page which is conveniently located by clicking this link to be taken there now.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at anytime using my online help desk which is manned by myself and a few trusted colleagues who know almost as much about me and this site as I do myself.