Would You Create A Custom Puzzle for Me?

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Do You Create Custom Puzzles?

Short Answer: Absolutely.

If you’re looking for custom puzzles, look no further. Please click here to visit the custom requests page.

For future reference, the form can be found by hovering your mouse over the “Support” button at the top of most pages throughout this site and you’ll see a “Custom Requests” link.

Click the “Custom Requests” link and provide as many details as possible. If you’re custom puzzle seems like it will be a good fit for my other customers, there will be no fee as I will then offer the puzzles throughout my various sites as well.

If the puzzle(s) you’re requesting will be unique to you (and you are free to request this option if you’re looking for custom “unique” puzzles just for you – and your customers) just let me know and we can discuss all of the available options and price levels so you’ll know exactly how and when you want to proceed.

Please Note: For a complete list of the types of puzzles I create (not all are listed on this site just yet), please open a ticket and let me know. I will send you a complete list as well as some sample puzzle pages to show you exactly what each puzzle looks like.